Differentiated By Design

A Collection of Practical Ideas for Educators Making A Conscious Decision to Differentiate

Differentiated By Design

What is the purpose of this resource?

When we learn, we do so through the integration and application of a multitude of learning strengths. Dominance in one or two intelligences does not nullify our ability to nurture and develop strength in other areas. Our primary motivation for creating this resource lies in our belief that a classroom which is differentiated by design consciously creates opportunities for student empowerment and growth through the exploration of all intelligences.

How is this resource intended to be used?

This resource is intended to be used as a springboard. It contains a multitude of instructional approaches and classroom activities which can be applied to any subject area, grade or classroom by educators striving to promote a learning environment rich in differentiated instruction.

Each page outlines one approach. To the right of each explanation, educators will find icon references indicating the learning strengths or dominant intelligences associated with each activity suggestion.

How will this resource help my students?

This guide will assist your students to:

  • explore a series of learning experiences which support various strengths.
  • develop a portfolio of creative ways to demonstrate their understanding of curriculum expectations.

How will this resource help me as an educator?

This guide will assist you to:

  • provide you with a wealth of pedagogical strategies & practical solutions for fostering a learning environment rich with differentiation.


This resource is available online.


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