Educational Workshop Sessions

A Treasure Chest of Differentiation
A Collection of Practical Strategies for Engaging All Kinds of Minds

Session Format: Lecture & Interactive
Session Length: 2.5 hrs
Speaking Fee: $500.00


There are two primary goals in this session. The first is to investigate differentiated instruction (D.I.) and Universal Design for Learning in a hands-on, practical fashion such that is becomes clear as to how these fundamentals of education serve as catalysts for self-awareness, self-advocacy and educational engagement. The second goal is send participants away with a treasure chest of very practical, ready to use ideas geared towards supporting educators who seek solutions for engaging all kinds of minds.


The session begins with a series of interactive challenges which allow participants to internalize the ways in which their own perspective and learning strengths impact their approach to instruction.

The second portion of the session moves towards applying this knowledge to their students’ daily practice. Participants will investigate the ways in which understanding and exploring various modes of knowing supports student growth, achievement and empowerment. This journey invariably fosters a climate where students can reach their full potential and become leaders in their own education.

All of the activities and energizers used in the session are designed to be taken back and applied with staff/students at the participants' site. Educators attending this workshop can expect to leave with a theoretical foundation as well as a treasure chest of concrete and creative ideas for fostering a learning environment rich with differentiated instruction and student success.

3, 2, 1 ACTIVATE!
Teambuilding & Movement: Ingredients for Success

Session Format: Interactive
Session Length: 1.5 hrs
Session Fee: $400.00


Academic inclusion is only one ingredient in the recipe for creating a classroom where students can reach their full potential. Studies have shown that there is a direct correlation between student success and a classroom which supports teambuilding, movement and active living. This session offers experiences which completely embrace Daily Physical Activity as well as Mental Health and Wellness strategies for everyone involved.


This active, hands-on workshop is designed to create a festival of fun where team building challenges and class energizers are used as a springboard to promote social inclusion and a sense of classroom community. Together, these elements are guaranteed to support both personal and academic growth.

Common hurdles such as finding the space and time to integrate this approach into our daily teaching practice will be addressed and resolved so that participants can leave the session confident in their knowledge of both HOW and WHY we need to create classrooms full of active students and active minds!