Corporate Workshop Sessions

Differentiation: The Key to Me & We
Valuing & Capitalizing on Differentiation in the Workplace

Session Format: Lecture & Interactive
Session Length: 1.5 hrs
Session Fee: $500.00


We cannot possibly hope to reach others without first coming to understand ourselves. Self-awareness is the first stepping stone in the journey towards understanding how and what we need to become effective communicators and collaborators within a company.

This session uses self-awareness as a platform to generate a deeper understanding of those with whom we interact. Understanding all kinds of minds and embracing inclusivity affords us the ability to make conscious and informed decisions about how we relay and receive information. To this end, we design a model for corporate success that can reach, engage and empower more people more often.


This session begins with an examination of the various Modes of Knowing through an experiential opportunity for self-discovery. These findings are then investigated more closely with a direct reference to Differentiation and Universal Design as they exist in the corporate world.

The second portion of the workshop is dedicated to making some very practical connections and providing some critical solutions for how and why we can tailor our daily practices as well as our workplace environment to get the most out of your staff and those with whom they interact.

Take Time for the Team
Discovering & Reaching Our Collective Potential

Session Format: Interactive
Session Length: 1.5 hrs
Session Fee: $350.00


It takes more than a business plan to succeed.
It takes relationships built on trust.
It takes connections grounded in respect.
It takes a lens that is focused on integrity and it takes a team.

These are critical components for any company striving to achieve its full potential but how do we implement and foster the growth of these values with our staff?

The answer lies in the experience.


This active, hands-on workshop is designed to create inclusive experiences where team building challenges and energizers are used as a springboard to promote a clear understanding of the power of collaboration.

The activities experienced in this session are intended to highlight what it looks and feels like to generate a successful business on the founding principles of trust, respect, integrity and collaboration.