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"Thanks for a fantastic PD today! It’s not how smart you are, it’s how you are smart!”
(H. Gardner)”

"Thanks Clare! The session was awesome! Lots of AHA moments.
Can’t wait for you to come back!”

"EXCELLENT presentation on Engaging All Kinds of Minds. We must keep the door open for all of our learners!”

"These resources are the most user-friendly and practical documents I have ever come across in all my years of teaching!”

"Your workshop has completely ENERGIZED me! I can’t wait to start using these strategies! "

"I wish you could see how excited my students are about learning after using some of your approaches with my class. It is absolutely unbelievable! I love it! Thank you!"

"Fantastic workshop! Great information and pace; you have a terrific style.
Engaging and accessible!"

"If you really want to learn, you have to (be allowed) to explore."

"Awesome workshop; very interesting and informative. These resources are great tools for teachers at all levels!"

"In this classroom I have the confidence to reach my full potential without being scared to be who I am." 

"This classroom is equitable, inclusive and differentiates. Students, parents and schools all benefit from learning, understanding and incorporating these strategies in instructional and assessment practices. "Difference is Fairness."

"These strategies provide students with greatly improved self knowledge, a key component of self advocacy. They gain useful insight into their own personal learning style. This knowledge helps students to maximize their potential and compensate for areas of relative weakness."

"As a result of implementing these strategies, I have noticed that students use MI language to talk about their strengths. I appreciate being able to include their MI profile on IEPs and in discussion with parents/guardians. I also appreciate the flexibility and creativity the approach has with respect to culminating assignments."

"In my grade six gifted class, this strategy has provided an excellent method for helping to reach the kids. It allows them to get excited and express their knowledge in creative and inspirational ways. In addition, for my gifted/LD students it allows them divergent avenues to express their knowledge instead of the traditional pen and paper tasks that are often frustrating for them. This encourages them to take an active role in their success at school. It also decreases their frustration and increases their attention and on task behaviour."